The company was founded 13/02/2005 - Number: 1429 entitled Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan - Dahuk Our company is characterized by the multiplicity of commercial activities. At the beginning of the founding of the company we agreed with several Spanish companies to import large quantities of ceramic ones CERPA company and VENEZIA company to Iraq. Import pantile   potter from Spain and Portugal and pantile  Albliti of Ruukki company Finland  import large amounts of material in a few period of time from Ruukki company obtained the exclusive agency of this company in Iraq. After  get Agency of Ruukki company we bought factory of  prefab as named  Hez in Duhok.We got the exclusive agency for the company BERWARI HANDELS-GmbH Hamburg .We got  the exclusive agency of the US-Canadian company Savers and Value Village for materials and household clothes. Motor oils were imported in several types, including Shell - Mobil- Castrol.

Company to be one of the quality companies in the areas of general trade in the Kurdistan region in terms of commercial products establish solid relationships with customers hrough the immediate requirements to respond, through the provision of a comprehensive range of services and products to provide alternative opportunities allow access to consumers bouquets competitive prices. Employ the means of marketing a sophisticated and effective to support the company and enable it to get a larger share of the markets in the various areas of work. We do not aim to achieve profits only in the short term, but strive to maximize returns current and future contribution in driving economic growth in the region and contribute to improving the lives of individuals and the sustainable development of local communities. Operating within the outlook for achieving the best returns through strategic planning long-term and deep analysis within a holistic view .in Iraq pioneering commercial and industrial sector across many commercial and industrial activities and owning a diversified services for the company as an umbrella involving underneath all the customers’ requirements in order to achieve universality and satisfaction .- that It is one of the major trading companies in the region by adopting the latest technologies and contemporary solutions for modern process, so as to provide unique services characterized by innovation and renewal, check the goals required of them successfully and satisfy customer needs. Premium is also working to develop its activities in the relevant business sectors and at the local and regional levels, creativity, and translate it into reality. Respect for customers and strive to meet their needs. Teamwork where appreciate the talent and stimulate creativity and reward achievements. Enjoy social responsibility where aware that we are part of the fabric of the community in which we operate,  to develop and contribute to enriching the achievements and projects. Excellence as we seek to excellence in everything we do and we are keen to achieve better results

Address: Duhok, Barzan Street 25. Parwar Hotel Building

Tel: +964 750 445 7185     +964 770 445 7185