The company established a company named Rasan Logistic in Turkey in 2013 for shipping and transporting goods all over the world to Iraq.We have an integrated team and those with superior skills of the work to ensure the safety of shipping and arrival of goods to the access station and met the necessary documents and completion of the customs procedures for goods distinctive and fast manner.

In the field of transport and we are agents for the transfer of a specialist group and cover all countries of the     world, which achieve credibility with   competition in the service and price . We produce the best logistics services for a better world. Work in the style of Racine consistent with the values and trade policies friendly to the environment and ethics of the profession of transport. Because the reason is aware that it cannot compensate for the time, the completion of all logistics operations before the expected time Since the first day of providing international shipping services, we have changed the traditional concept of "logistics" as just moved to build bridges of trust between the two countries. Our policy is "full service" Supported by a team of experts we have in this area, is the most important reason for the success of our international business, which we have achieved so far.

We have a long experience derived from our experience in transportation and logistics, where we ship all kinds of goods and products regardless of size or weight or number. This is due to the modern and powerful trucks in the fleet performance. We provide our services across continents via a multi-modal transport by land, sea an affordable cost satisfy our partners. We accomplish the transfer of the products you want, whether you're sending a package or a large project with the same accuracy. We offer the most convenient transport in the market within a short period thanks to our offices in the countries concerned, these features set us apart from other competitors.

Our office address in Turkey

Address: Yeni Mah. Cemalpasa Cad. Building Sahcinar no: 74/1 Akdeniz / Mersin

Tel: +90 541 783 3373    +90 324 237 5717   Fax: +90 324 237 5717